Black Lives Matter

In the past few weeks, Golden Leaf has remained muted in an effort to educate ourselves, as well as elevate black voices and hear their stories.

We've learned the difference between being non-racist and being boldy anti-racist. We've found articles on how we can support the necessary reform. We've sought education on what Divesting from police actually looks like. Turns out, it looks a lot like the suburbs.

Systemic racism against black communities spans across healthcare, education, professions, and finance. People are suffering. Hear them. This heartbreak and overwhelm is happening to mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, and sisters.

Some of you may know my full-time profession is as a Massage Therapist and Health Coach. I've built my business around empowering those around me and facilitating self-love. Golden Leaf Apothecary was created to further this message of self-acceptance, as well as serve as a platform to raise awareness and support for eco-conscious and humanitarian efforts. We will continue these efforts over the next few months by shifting our donations to support Black-Owned businesses and organizations for overdue policy changes.

The avenues to contribute are overwhelming, so please take a look at this list and see where it feels right for you to begin.

1.Meet the women who started the BLM movement.

2. Support Black-Owned Businesses (Etsy makes it easy). This list is good, too!

3. Watch 13th on Netflix.

4. Become a better ally by educating yourself with these talks.

5. Incorporate more black people in your life; I'm lookin' at you, Montana! Find an uplifting new podcast to add to your playlist or start following hashtags like #blackowned on Instagram.

6. Donate to causes pushing for Social Justice.

7. And lastly, please do not speak on experiences you know nothing of. Research, Listen. Then listen some more. Remember your Golden Rule.


By saying Black Lives Matter, I'm honoring the fight from our vets and troops for freedom and equality.

By saying Divest Police/Invest in Communities, I'm fiercely believing in the innate will to thrive given the true opportunity.

By Saying their Names, I'm bringing light to those murdered by bad cops and poor policing.

By supporting Black Owned Businesses, I'm giving POWER to the voices of the unheard and oppressed.

We STAND with our Black Brothers and Sisters.

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