What Size Bath Bomb is For Me?

Finding the perfect bath bomb size for your needs is easy!

The deciding factors are (a) size of your bath tub, (b) who will be using it, and (c) personal preference.

Let's break it down:

1. Jumbo- These are also listed as "Large," and are most coveted for those big bath tubs we all dream of. If you also like more bubbles, color, and skin-moisturizing goodness--these might be your favorites, too!

2. Regular (Medium)- These are your best all-around crowd pleasers! This is my personal go-to size, even with my small bathtub!

3. Mini (Small)- And lastly, these little cuties are great for kids who usually fill the tub much less than the eager-to-relax adults.

All of our products are safe on skin, paraben-free, and 100% made with love and care. We're so proud to create Made in Montana-certified, small-batch, self-care tools to encourage you to slow down and listen from within.


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