Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Last month, we celebrated individuality and the courage it takes to stand up to those with small minds.

Pride Month is held in honor of the Stonewall Riots in June 1969 that sparked the continuing civil rights movement for the LGBTQ community. The purpose of Pride Month is to "honor, celebrate, and affirm LGBTQ individuals and our contributions to society."

Just as we fight to create a space for the needs of the current movement of Black Lives Matter, we continue to make space and hear our LGBTQ communities. We will continue being vocal for both movements until human life is equal and social, economic, and political constraints are dissolved.

We created our colorful LGBTQ+ Equality Bombs in honor of the vibrant humans I've come to know and love in my own life. Our hearts were brimming with joy to see the response to these beauties! We raised over $200 for the National Center of Transgender Equality and couldn't be more thrilled.


As we move forward, we'll be donating a portion of sales from our Equality Bombs to our local organization, The Western Montana Community Center, known as "The Center." We are so grateful to have these advocates in the heart of downtown, educating our community, and creating a safe space for self-expression.


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